Bearings of large stock, and big order to Iran SKF PCMF 101207 B JFM-1214-07 JFM-1416-10 LRJ6 LJT 6 NTN 85062A bearing

Author roy Release time 2016-11-24 09:47:19

1.Dear Sir or Madam,
Please send us an offer for the following articles:
10Stk Plain bearing with collar SKF PCMF 101207 B
4Ps JFM-1214-07
1pc JFM-1416-10

Can they also offer iglidur J semifinished products Ø20x200 and Ø45x200mm?

2.Dear Sir

We are a Trading Company in Kenya and Looking For The Following RHP Bearings:
2pc LRJ6
2pc LJT 6
Please Advice Availability and Price


required bearings NTN 85062A